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Individual and Couple Therapy

Life is tricky. Therapy helps.

I currently provide virtual therapy only. Please visit the Virtual Therapy page for more information.

Hello! I'm Charlotte

I'm a couple and individual therapist in Fort Collins. I know what it's like for anxiety, perfectionism, and inner critics to be roadblocks to happiness. And I know what it takes to move to a place of greater peace.

I am a down to earth person with a good sense of humor. In addition to getting to the core of your problems, I will quickly help you feel safe, comfortable, and at ease. Click below to learn more about me!

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My Services

In order to benefit from and enjoy therapy, the most important factor is the relationship between you and your therapist. I encourage you to explore my website, my Instagram, or give me a call and see if you are drawn to and comfortable talking to me. I work with adults on a range of issues, but below are some areas in which I specialize.

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Experiencing anxiety, depression, worry, disconnection, or other ongoing problems can leave us feeling helpless and lost. Our time together will help you understand your internal world and make connections that will help you grow. As part of my practice, I strive to create a safe and nurturing space to explore vulnerabilities and concerns while making progress toward goals and changes you wish to experience.

You are not alone in feeling confused, ashamed, and maybe even out of control around food. We are inundated nearly constantly with images of how our body is supposed to look, and the vast majority of us don't see this ideal when we look in the mirror. The constant self-criticism and mental/physical restriction can create major problems in our lives. If you are unhappy with your relationship with your body and food, this is the service for you.

80-minutes, $210 investment
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Has your romantic relationship hit a bump in the road or is not as fulfilling as you would like? Our time together will allow you and your partner to connect deeply and openly. I will help you (and your partner) understand the sources of your pain so you can move beyond past hurts and toward greater commitment, curiosity, intimacy, and happiness. I work with straight, gay, and lesbian couples of all ages, backgrounds, and cultures.

She has helped me so much over this past year and I am forever grateful for the advice she has given and her caring, gentle voice when I came in crying one day. She is so amazing!


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