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Couples Therapy

80-minutes, $210 investment

Romantic relationships can be the source of our greatest pleasures, connections, and joys, as well as our greatest betrayals, loneliness, and despairs. I want to help you and your partner see and return home to each other. 

In couples therapy, we will explore how your relationships in infancy and childhood inform how you seek safety and show up in relationships now. We will create space in your relationship to examine hurts and betrayals and move toward forgiveness and trust. I will help you learn how to read your partner and connect with them, setting aside fears and external pressures, so you can create a couple bubble that celebrates who you are. 

Psychobiological Approach to Couples Therapy (PACT)

I draw largely on a style of couples therapy called the Psychobiological Approach to Couples Therapy, or PACT, which draws on neuroscience, attachment theory, and the biology of human arousal.


In a PACT session, you and your partner will sit in rolling chairs. I will focus on moment-to-moment shifts in your face, body, and voice, and ask you to pay close attention to these in your partner. We will create experiences similar to those troubling your relationship at home and I will help you work through them in real-time during the session. A lot of this work is deep and emotional, but much of it is also silly and sweet!

Premarital Therapy

If you and your partner are considering marriage, are engaged, or are newly married, you may be considering therapy to address any potential areas of conflict early on. Our time together will help you discover potential sources of conflict and learn effective strategies for discussing and resolving conflict. I create a safe and neutral environment to help couples understand their expectations around marriage and to address any differences. My premarital work is non-denominational.

“Your personal growth depends on your relationship remaining safe and secure at all times, because if either of you feel the least bit unsafe, untrusting, or insecure, you won’t have the internal resources for personal growth. Instead, your mind and body will be preoccupied by doubt and threat.”

Stan Tatkin

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