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Virtual Therapy

Individual or couple therapy provided via the internet, called telehealth or telepractice, is very similar to in-person sessions. Video therapy is an excellent option to be able to address the mental health challenges you're experiencing from the safety and comfort of your own home. 


I am currently providing all services via video sessions using the platform Simple Practice. Please note that virtual services are only available to those currently residing in the state of Colorado.

Virtual Therapy & Telepractice FAQs

Virtual therapy sounds weird and awkward.

It makes sense to feel apprehensive about video therapy, but it has actually been around for the better half of two decades. While there might be some initial discomfort to start, we will quickly ease into our conversation and find a flow that works for us.

Do we use Facetime, Zoom, or...?

We will meet using the platform Simple Practice, which is free for you to use. The app is available to download if you plan to meet using your phone, or you can access the session from a web browser. About 10-minutes before each session, you will receive an email link to your session. Alternatively, you can log into my client portal through Simple Practice and access your video link any time you'd like! Simple Practice is private, secure, and HIPPA compliant.

Do I need to have internet access?

Yes. It is recommended that you have an internet connection that is at least 10 mbps. You can read more about how to join a video session using Simple Practice here.

Does online therapy work?

Yes! There is substantial empirical evidence that video therapy is effective in treating mental health concerns. Video sessions enable us to meet within a more flexible schedule and from the comfort of your home, work, or even your car. I have found that my video sessions with individuals and couples alike have been just as effective, intimate, deep, and refreshing as in-person sessions.

Is video therapy my only option to work with you?

Yes. I am currently only providing services virtually. If you have concerns about privacy, please reach out to me via email. There are many great ways to help create a safe and private space in your home that I can help you with! 

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